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Bridge Import Group understand that shippers can’t afford to have their cargo damaged during shipment. We also understand margins are slim and companies can’t break the bank protecting their shipments. That is why we specialize in providing high-quality solutions at a competitive price.

We work as a team with our customers to ensure your shipment always arrives at its destination in excellent condition. We deliver the best customer service in the business and respond immediately to questions and concerns.

Nordic Dry Container Desiccants


We are the exclusive A|B Dry distributor for North America, Latin America, and West Africa. Our desiccants absorb moisture, ensuring that cargo reaches its destination with no moisture damage. A|B Dry Desiccants are proven to have some of the highest absorption rates in the industry. All A|B Dry desiccants come individually wrapped with a two-year shelf life.

Bridge Import Group Container Liners


Our polypropylene liners provide an extra level of protection for container shipments of bulk agricultural commodities, feeds, chemicals, and granular cargoes. Our woven polypropylene liners transform your shipping container into a dry, contamination-free environment., preventing caking and clumping of fine granular shipments. We can customize liner length, thickness, attachments, and loading/discharge ports to meet your specific needs.

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The BIG (Bridge Import Group) Blanket hangs between ceiling and cargo, forming an impenetrable barrier, protecting cargoes against container rain by absorbing and retaining droplets in gel polymer cells.


Bridge Import Group is not just a desiccant vendor. We are shipping consultants who bring a superior level of service to the commodity shipping industry.

Learn more about our industry leading testing methodologies and superior moisture control products.

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