Web Analytics Soybean farmers face growing concern with Chinese market | Bridge Import Group

With soybeans planted and starting to take root, Delaware’s largest cash crop remains a bright spot among international trade, but a newfound trade deal and complications from COVID-19 may cast a shadow.

Delaware Farm Bureau President Richard Wilkins noted that farmers in the First State are blessed to be diversified in crops, like corn, string beans and watermelons. But with commodity prices on the rise, he’s worried that with more farmers planting beans, it could saturate the market.

“With the price [to plant them] now lower, farmers think it’s time to produce more even though you make the best profit when there’s a little scarcity,” he said. “That’s what hurts us every time … But farmers also have to be content with mortgage payments and debt repayment.”

Read the full article on the Delaware Business Times.

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