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Commodity prices for high value row crops hasn’t changed much recently, says Adam Rabinowitz, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Ag economist. The only positive is that prices have stopped decreasing.

“There really has been little change on anything. The downward movement at least appears to be subsiding. But we’re not seeing any upward movement. I think that’s where it’s going to take some time,” Rabinowitz said.

According to cotton futures, prices were listed at 58.75 cents per pound on Monday morning. This is a modest increase from 53 cents recorded just over a month ago. According to peanut prices last week, prices were listed as $424.13 per ton for Runner peanuts, $416.70 for Spanish peanuts, $430.94 for Valencia peanuts and $430.94 for Virginia peanuts. Corn prices remain at $3.19 per bushel, which is a huge drop from $3.77 at six months ago. Soybean prices are listed at $8.38 per bushel, which has decreased from $9.56 on Jan. 2.

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