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Bridge Import Group, Inc., is dedicated to delivering dynamic solutions for the protection of cargo shipped worldwide in intermodal containers and over-road trailer trucks. Bridge has over 10 years’ experience protecting sensitive cargo such as peanuts, machinery, cacao, pecans, rice, pet food, soya beans, coffee and corn. The result of this experience is that no matter what the cargo is, Bridge Import Group has a solution to ensure it arrives at its destination with no moisture damage. We also understand that shipping in containers or in trucks is a time-sensitive activity and we are proud to deliver the best customer support in the business.

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, Bridge Import Group has strategic distribution warehouses in Savannah, Georgia, and Decatur, Illinois. We also have distribution points in Guayaquil, Ecuador; Lima, Peru; Asuncion, Paraguay; Cartagena Colombia; and Accra, Ghana. We are actively looking for distribution partners in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Central America.

Bridge Import Group has long-term relationships with established manufacturing companies around the globe. Our products are tested vigorously to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality. We routinely conduct tests to record the temperature and relative humidity inside containers and trucks, and consistently monitor our products’ performance to ensure they are performing to our high standards.


Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan is founder and president. He worked in the desiccant industry before founding Bridge Import Group and has been involved in extensive desiccant testing for the cocoa industry in West Africa and the peanut industry in Georgia. He started Bridge Import Group in response to the market’s need for a high-quality calcium chloride desiccant at a competitive price. Above all else Bridge was founded as a customer-focused company.

John Ryan

John is chief financial officer for Bridge Import Group and its official business consultant. Before joining Bridge, John owned a successful industrial plating company in Providence (RI) for 35 years. When not working, John is a single-digit-handicap golfer and participates in “senior” tournaments in Massachusetts.

Sandra Paredes

Sandra Paredes is in charge of logistics for Bridge Import Group; she receives all orders from our sales team, coordinates with our warehouses, and makes sure our customers receive their product on time and according to their specific requirements. Originally from Colombia, Sandra translates all Bridge Import Group information into Spanish for our Latin America clients. Prior to joining Bridge, Sandra worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia.

Luci Silva

Luci Silva is a part of Bridge Import Group’s Admin and Logistics team. A true team player, Luci does whatever needs to be done and she does it with a great attitude. A native of Providence R.I., Luci worked with John Ryan for 20+ years at his industrial plating company. Just prior to Bridge Import Group Luci worked in customer service handling customer problems and complaints. We are happy to be back working with Luci again. Luci is married with three daughters and enjoys traveling to warm tropical locations in her free time.

Jay Fentress

Jay Fentress is an optimistic, customer focused sales leader with 25 years of corporate sales experience. He’s skilled at developing the right business action plan based upon data and client needs to help them choose the best solution for their cargo. Jay is passionate about business and building long term, mutually beneficial relationships. His business acumen, integrity, and entrepreneurial spirit make him a great fit with Bridge Import Group/A|B Dry Desiccants. Jay is married with three children and in his free time enjoys hunting golf and yoga.


Bridge Import Group helps national and international shipping customers avoid humidity-related problems by providing high-quality affordable cargo protection products. Intermodal shipping is time-driven and our team works together to meet schedules and ensure all customer requirements and expectations are met or exceeded. What distinguishes us from the competition is our emphasis on customer service: with Bridge Import Group, your calls are answered immediately or returned promptly.

About Bridge Import Group


Bridge Import Group is happy to lend its support to the Peanut Proud Festival in Blakely, Georgia, as well as The Peanut Institute of Albany Georgia.

We’re affiliated with:
  • American Peanut Shellers Association
  • Federation of Cocoa Commerce
  • Midwest Shippers Association
  • American Peanut Council
  • Canadian Food Exporters Association
  • Georgia Pecan Growers Association
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Bridge Import Group is not just a desiccant vendor. We are shipping consultants who bring a superior level of service to the commodity shipping industry.

Learn more about our industry leading testing methodologies and superior moisture control products.

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