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Bridge Import Group, Inc., is dedicated to delivering dynamic solutions for the protection of cargo shipped worldwide in intermodal containers and over-road trailer trucks. Bridge has over 10 years’ experience protecting sensitive cargo such as soy beans, oats, pulses, corn, machinery, rice, coffee and cacao. The result of this experience is that no matter what the cargo is, Bridge Import Group has a solution to ensure it arrives at its destination with no moisture damage. We also understand that shipping in containers or in trucks is a time-sensitive activity and we are proud to deliver the best customer support in the business.

We are the exclusive A|B Dry distributor for Canada. With our desiccants, cargo reaches its destination with no moisture damage.

Bridge Import Group understand that shippers can’t afford to have their cargo damaged during shipment. We also understand margins are slim and companies can’t break the bank protecting their shipments. That is why we specialize in providing high-quality solutions at a competitive price.


Bridge Import Group is not just a desiccant vendor. We are shipping consultants who bring a superior level of service to the commodity shipping industry.

Learn more about our industry leading testing methodologies and superior moisture control products.

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